Original conceptions of radiators

RadiatorWhen we hear the word radiator, quickly we imagine an ugly white heating supply on the wall. Of course this is not so beautiful and will not make your interior according to the standards of aesthetics. The modern designers and their unlimited imagination, created new more attractive vision of the radiators. Definitely the latest fashion trends can perfectly fit to your interior design and will make your home looking quite more beautiful. In this article we will try to show you some of the most modern and unusual designers radiators.
Really the interior design of your villa or apartment may look more beautiful if you follow the latest fashion trends and interior tips of the heating supplies. Except the efficiency the electrical manufacturers also try to make their consumers more attractive and more beautiful. Really the ideas, which we will present to you are fantastic and will attract everyone – honeycomb, harp or hence in the living room. Definitely you can be amazed by the beauty of the modern electricals.
1 . Radiators from Hellos flowers
The colorful daisies are made of aluminum and hide the heating system very well. When the heating supply is turned off it is quite hard to tell that this is radiator. Usually people think that this is some kind of decoration of accessory.
Radiator flowers

2. Radiator “Dice” by Andrea Ramponi
Everyone loves dices. Never mind if we throw them in the game or put them in our living room, they can make this special playful atmosphere, which most of the people love.
Radiator design

3. Radiator “clip” by Scirocco
This heating device is chromed steel tube curved in the shape of clip. The idea is interesting and stylish and most probably the heating characteristics of the product are quite good.
Radiator interior

4. Radiator “Honey” by Caleido
It has very nice design and perfectly fit with the interior design. There are a few different color schemes – red, gray, white or cream-colored
Radiator honey

5. Radiator “harp” by Carisa
This product carries the name Adagio and its creators describe it as “symphony of stainless steel”.
Radiator Arfa

6. Modern glass radiator by Sprinz
The radiator is glass panel, which radiates heat and in the same time is great decoration of each modern home. It can be found in different dimensions and can be installed on the wall or on the floor. The client has the ability to choose among different pictures, so the radiator can be perfectly fit with the room interior.
Glass radiator

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