Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday, May 19, 2024

Exploring the Pros and Cons: Semi-Modular vs. Modular Kitchens

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In architecture and interior design there’s a lot of kitchen options that you can choose to complement your buildings. But here I want to talk about something specific. Have you heard the term semi modular and modular kitchen? Both are different types of kitchens with their own advantages and disadvantages. What type of kitchen do you think is the best for you? Is it modular or semi-modular? To be able to determine what’s the best type of kitchen suit you, please keep reading!

What is a Modular and Semi-Modular Kitchen?

To begin with, if you just heard about modular and semi-modular kitchens, you need to know what a modular and semi-modular kitchen is and what difference they have. So, a modular kitchen is the type that consists of several parts of a kitchen cabinet which will later be combined according to the desired layout and individual needs. Modular kitchen usually comes in part and they need to assemble it on site, then attach it together. Modular types of kitchen are movable and don’t need civil work to be involved.

Meanwhile, a semi-modular kitchen or civil kitchen is a kitchen that is built on an existing civil structure and sometimes even measures it directly. They also usually install a sink or stove or even counter tops on semi-modular kitchens. When you want to customise your kitchen, the cabinets and those installed components can’t be moved around and remain as it is. Since they build into the civil structure, a semi-modular kitchen needs a civil worker to make it done. That’s why a semi-modular kitchen could also be called a civil kitchen.



The definition itself already self-explains about the major difference between modular and semi-modular kitchens. To be specific, these are the differences between modular and semi-modular kitchens. Modular kitchen is factory made so the size is based on the standard size meanwhile the semi-modular kitchen uses your own measurements and is made by civil workers. Modular type of kitchen is more flexible than the semi-modular type, you could move around the cabinets and change the kitchen all you want. While the semi-modular type is permanent and hard to disassemble. Constructor for modular type are most likely to face an empty kitchen meanwhile construction for semi-modular type will face a kitsch with some parts already built into the building structure.

After knowing and understanding the definition of modular and semi-modular kitchen, let’s dive deeper and find out why you need either modular or semi-modular type of kitchen in your buildings. Here, I will help you analyze it one by one.

Modular Type

  1. Practical
    Modular type of kitchen can be moved around, it can even be moved to another building or house. It obviously will be useful if you are a nomadic. Instead of building a new kitchen every once in a while, you could just bring along your recent kitchen with you and it will help you save your money.
  2. Easy Maintenance
    Remember the part where I wrote that this type of kitchen can be detached all you want? Yes, this feature could help you on many occasions such as if one part is broken, you could repair it without having to disassemble and disturb the other part. Modular type is easier to maintain especially for people nowadays that want everything to be as simple as possible.
  3. Flexibility
    Because each of these cabinets is removable, if you have sufficient space, the modular kitchen types can be moved and you can change the location and placement of the cabinets as you like. If you are the type of person who gets bored easily, you will love this advantage because you can change the aesthetics of your kitchen at any time without having to dismantle the entire kitchen.


Semi-Modular Type

  1. Customised
    Moving to a semi-modular type of kitchen, this type is more suitable for you who have a small space or some unique placement of a kitchen. So rather than being confused about choosing the placement of each of the cabinets which will come separately, you can immediately ask an interior designer for help to make a kitchen that fits the available space and make it as specific as you want. Semi-modular types of kitchen could be customised to the specific height and width as you wanted and you can utilise the existing space to the maximum.
  2. Condition and quality
    Many properties now have a top counterpart or sink build in them. If you buy those kinds of properties, you can choose the semi-modular type of kitchen option to continue the existing “kitchen”. Especially if you don’t want to disassemble the existing top counterpart or sink. As for the quality, since you made it from scratch with the help of civil workers, you could adjust and choose the quality as you want. But of course, the better the materials the more expensive it will cost.
  3. The Cost
    The semi-modular type of kitchen tends to be cheaper than the modular type. So if you’re not moving around and tend to settle in one place, this kitchen option is more suitable and will save you more money. Then again it also depends on the materials that you get. The good news is, you could also adjust your material with your budget. For example, if you don’t have much money to spend, you could just use some cheap and good material. But if you have some extra budget you could go to high quality material with more expensive prices.

    After knowing about modular and semi-modular kitchens, it is hoped that you can choose which type is more suitable for your conditions. If you have an empty kitchen and a big budget, the modular kitchen option is more suitable for you. But if your kitchen has several ready-made parts, you can choose a semi-modular kitchen type. Of course each of those types has their own pros and cons, you can adjust it yourself according to your preferences and decide your best choice.


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