Sunday, June 23, 2024
Sunday, June 23, 2024

Creating a Safe Home for Your Little Child

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Maybe you are a couple who is still productive, this time we want to give you tips on how to make a safe home for your child. This is something essential. Children’s rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, everything must be ensured to be safe. You need to be aware of potential dangers when your child is playing or learning to crawl in the house

The following are things you need to consider adding to your home :

Electric plugs
Use a closed electric plugs and position it in a high place. If you install an open electric plugs, you need to secure it by covering the socket hole using a child protective device in a part that your little one can reach.

Electronic equipment
Keep children away from electronic equipment such as irons, blenders, hot dispenser fans, etc. They can pull and chew on dangling wires or insert their fingers, pressing buttons on your electronic equipment. Move sitting lamps, fans, or other heavy electronic equipment to a higher level so that they cannot reach and pull cables to avoid the risk of falling electronic equipment.

Sharp and Small Objects
Also keep away sharp objects such as scissors, knives, nail clippers and small objects such as needles, marbles etc. Usually, when a child starts to grow and develop after he can crawl, he likes to put whatever he finds in his mouth. This is trivial but needs your attention

Unstable wall cabinets, bookshelves, dressers, or tables that might tip over when your little one tries to climb them should be moved immediately. The edges and corners of the table also have the potential to injure your little one’s head because they are quite hard and sharp, especially for those who have started walking. Use protective equipment for children at home in the form of rubber table side protectors which tend to be soft and tender.

Door & Drawer
Always make sure your drawers are closed. Don’t forget to add an extra key so they can’t open the drawer. There is a risk that the drawer will fall out of place and fall on your child. Pay attention between the doors when the door is opened and closed, because it often happens that children’s fingers get caught in the door

Never leave them even for a moment in this area. They can drown even in a small amount of water. Also make sure to set the water heater at a temperature of no more than 45°C to avoid them being scalded. Avoid the area under the tap when bathing your little one. You can also wrap the tap using a towel or cloth so they don’t trip over it. Don’t forget to add an anti-slip mat to the bottom of the bathtub so they don’t slip.

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