Sunday, June 23, 2024
Sunday, June 23, 2024

If your bathroom is small, try this method to make it feel more spacious

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Land prices are getting higher and higher, meaning many people can only buy a limited amount. How to outsmart rooms with limited area so that they remain comfortable for the occupants to use is the challenge. Including the bathroom area. Dealing with a room with a limited area actually challenges creativity, because it is not certain that those who are blessed with a large area can optimize its advantages. Here are several techniques that can be practiced to get a sense of space in a bathroom area that is actually limited.

  1. Move up
    Try putting something interesting on top. For example, Decorate your bathroom ceiling with hanging lights to draw attention upwards. You can also add hanging shelves to the bathroom to maximize storage and space below, so that will makes the floor look empty and open so the room feels more spacious, but make sure the size is not excessive so it will give the room a cramped impression.
  2. Use soft colors
    Soft colors on the walls and floors tend to give the illusion that the room feels more spacious. Only use bright colors in accessories, towels or bathroom decorations if soft colors feel boring to you.
  3. Maximize corners
    Unused corners can be used as open shelves from floor to ceiling. For example, placing the sink in the corner. Placing the sink in the middle creates awkward conditions when the bathroom door is opened and closed.
  4. Place a Large Mirror
    Placing a mirror in the narrowest space will give a very different impression. In less than ideal bathroom conditions, this certainly helps.
  5. Choosing the Right Bathroom Door
    Even though it seems trivial, choosing the type of door is one trick to make a minimalist bathroom look more spacious. You can choose a sliding door, by changing it to a sliding door it won’t take up space in the bathroom, that way the room in the bathroom can look more spacious and allow you and your family to be free in the bathroom.


Even though it’s not easy, it’s not impossible to organize a small bathroom as an area that is not only functional, but also fun. Small but functional, arrange your small bathroom to make it look more spacious and comfortable. Good luck!

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