Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Transform Your Kitchen with These Stunning Pop Design Ideas

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The kitchen is a room used to store, prepare food ingredients to be processed into food and served according to standard that can be consumed. In designing the kitchen, you need to choose best furniture and cooking utensils, kitchen tables, lighting, ventilation, kitchen size, and determining kitchen management. Good kitchen design makes anyone comfortable and excited in cooking activity. Currently, the kitchen design is evolving, from classical concepts to modern concepts.

The important thing you need to notice before designing the kitchen is choosing an expert kitchen designer. An expert designer will give the best and great idea to manage your kitchen design. Generally, the first thing to do when designing a kitchen is determining the concept you want to apply. The designer will help to find the best solution.

The process of planning and building kitchen will be more organized and efficient, if you choose an expert designer. Usually, the kitchen designer work professionally with a mutually agreed time. They will design the kitchen according to the budget that you have budgeted. So, don’t forget to prepare enough budgets to get the best kitchen design.

If you want to set up your kitchen to be more comfortable and elegant, these are the recommendations of the kitchen design based on advantages and disadvantages:

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Generally, outdoor kitchen designs are located in the back of the house, sometimes next to the backyard or the mini garden. Some people choose outdoor kitchen designs for some reasons, the example; because of the small house size. The advantages are:

  • Having good air circulation and lighting, can avoid humidity in your kitchen.
  • Reduce the risk of fire, if there is a malfunction of cooking tools that may cause explosions or flames, the outdoor kitchen design makes it easier for you to extinguish fire. So it doesn’t spread to other places.


Although the outdoor kitchen design has many advantages, there are several disadvantages using an outdoor kitchen design:

  • Lack of privacy, not all houses are equipped with a fence wall as a barrier to other houses, so your activities in the outdoor kitchen will be easily seen by others. But it will not happen to you, if you have a fence behind the house.
  • Dusty, due to wind blowing. It happens if you have a sand or dirt backyard. If the wind is blowing hard, it will bring dust to stick to your furniture and cooking utensils. It’s better if you plant grass on the backyard. There are kinds of grass that you can plant: Zoysia tenuifolia, Zoysia matrella, Zoysia japonica and Stenotaphrum secundatum.
  • Water splashed when heavy rains. Usually it splashes into the outdoor kitchen. You can put canopy on the outdoor kitchen, or you can put the bamboo rolls curtain with aesthetically designed beside the outdoor kitchen.



  • Insects attack. If you rarely clean your backyard garden, it can increase number of insects uncontrollable. It is worried insects come to your outdoor kitchen and land on kitchen utensils, maybe on food.
  • The scent of cooking is easy to spread everywhere. If your neighborhood doesn’t mind about the scent from your cooking, it’s good. But if they mind about it, you better design an indoor kitchen.

Indoor Kitchen Design

A lot of people have indoor kitchen designs. Indoor kitchen has many advantages, there are:

  • The location is in the house, so it is so easy for you to reach it.
  • It is not easy to get dusty. The dust was carried by the wind can make the kitchen looks messy and can reduce the purity of your food and kitchen utensils.
  • It is safer from strong winds and heavy rain. We never know when the wind comes along with the heavy rain that can make your activity a little messy.



Although the indoor kitchen design has many advantages, there are disadvantages using an indoor kitchen design:

  • Fire hazard. Fire can happen because of human negligence or malfunction of electric tools, such as electric stove, microwave, mixer, etc. It can be minimized with pairing the safety tool.
  • Less lighting and air circulation. Less lighting and air circulation can make the kitchen is humid. The scent of cooking will be trapped in the kitchen. Especially, if your indoor kitchen is connected to other rooms, the scent of cooking will disturb your family at home.
  • Mold growth. Humid kitchen conditions will cause problem, it is mold. Mold is easy to grow on the furniture and kitchen utensils were made by wood, and it is so difficult to remove. The way to avoid mold growing is painted. It is better if you use plastic or aluminum tools.



There are some kitchen designs we recommend for you.

  • Light-colored kitchen design like, white, green mint, cream gives clean and elegant effects, and certainly makes the room looks brighter. Light-colored kitchen is easier to detect stains and dirt on the furniture and cooking tools.
  • The selection of dark-colored kitchen design, such as black, old gray, brown, and monochrome, gives the impression of “strength”.
  • Sometimes monotonous colors without colors gradients give the effect “boring” in your cooking activities. So you can balance the kitchen view with other color combination on furniture and cooking tools. Besides, you can add some ornamental plants to give fresh impression on your kitchen. Some kinds of plants fit for the decoration of the kitchen, such as Epipremnum aureum, Philodendron, Sekulen, Chlorophytum, and Sansevieria.


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